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About us. Read how we got here.


The omni ® story.

The Genesis 🌱

The world is busy, loud, and often overwhelming. We all seek those rare moments of tranquility where we can escape and unwind. Lighting a candle or using a wax melt was a small yet powerful sanctuary. But we saw a problem; the market was lacking in premium yet affordable options. From candles with tunneling issues and barely-there fragrances to synthetic-feeling wax melts and diffusers that lost their scent within days, we were disappointed. Thus, omni ® was born - to offer a genuine, luxurious home fragrance experience without the hefty price tag.

Why "omni"? 🌟

Premium Feels

The term "omni" means "all," encapsulating our aim to be the all-encompassing brand for everyone's home fragrance needs. Affordable yet uncompromising in quality, that's the omni ® promise.

A True, Quality Experience 💎

Symphony of fragrances

Each omni ® candle, wax melt, and diffuser is handmade in our London studio, ensuring you get a small-batch, high-quality product every single time. We believe that premium quality should not be a luxury but an everyday experience that's accessible to all.

Eco-Conscious And Ethical 🌍

Vegan & cruelty-free

We didn't just want to create products that smell great; we also wanted them to be environmentally friendly. That's why we meticulously chose a blend of rapeseed and coconut wax for our candles and wax melts. This not only ensures a clean burn, but is also a sustainable and biodegradable choice. In the same vein, our decision to use an alcohol-free base for our diffusers sets us apart, offering a truly immersive and clean diffusing experience. Don't forget we plant a tree for every product sold, as well as removes plastic from our oceans.

More Than Just Candles 🌈

Room filling happiness

Wax melts in the market often felt synthetic and lacked the high-end quality we yearned for - lots of glits, but no "umph." Our melts bring you a luxurious fragrance experience that feels as good as they look.

Similarly, we found many diffusers to be lacking. They either lost their scent quickly, required constant flipping, or oils that stayed static. That's why we crafted our alcohol-free reed diffusers to deliver a continuous, enveloping fragrance that lasts for weeks and months, not just days.

The Experience 💯

For the senses

We're not just selling products; we're offering a sensory lifestyle that turns your everyday routines into extraordinary experiences. Whether you're starting your day, working from home, or simply relaxing, omni ® transforms your moments with the utmost quality, all while respecting both your budget and the planet.

Go ahead - light an omni ® candle, melt one of our premium wax melts, or let one of our long-lasting diffusers fill your living spaces. This is more than fragrance; this is the omni ® experience - premium home fragrance artistry.

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